Psalm 130: 2-3

If you, Lord keep a record of sins, Lord. Who could stand? But, with you there is forgiveness.


As a child I often found myself tossing and turning unable to sleep because I had done something so awful it demanded confession.  “Mom, come here , I need to tell you something.” Once I got my “sorry” out and knew she would love me anyway, a wave of peace would come over me and sleep was not far behind.  Ah! Forgiveness.

But the act of forgiving is just beyond human nature alone. I remember the words, “I may forgive but I never forget” being part of some sessions.  Jesus loves us as a parent loves a child; mindful of our gifts and our shortcomings, our humanness.  It’s only through petition and prayer that we can come to understand we are forgiven by grave.  The slate is wiped clean.

The peace that washes over us when we make that confession and ask for forgiveness changes our hearts.  The sincere, “I’m sorry” to others can change both hearts; the contrite and the wronged.  Being aware of the grave we have received through Jesus makes forgiveness a more natural part of our reaction to being wronged.  The power of being forgiven and forgiving is joyful and liberating.

Confessing our wrongs, being conscious of our gifts and opportunities to use them, shining our Christ light through a smile are ways to flex our Christian spirit.  Cultivating a nature of forgiveness is another way to show we are loved and forgiven.  It’s a lifelong process, never perfects, always a blessing, not always the first reaction, but always the way to peace.

Matthew 6:12         Forgive us our debts

As we forgive our debtors

Matthew 6:14         For as we forgive each other so our Father in Heaven will forgive us.

Perfection is not an option, we excel only by the grace of God.





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