Friday, March 20

Psalm 143: 1-8

Listen, LORD, as I pray! You are faithful and honest and will answer my prayer. I am your servant. Don’t try me in your court, because no one is innocent by your standards. My enemies are chasing me, crushing me in the ground. I am in total darkness, like someone long dead. I have given up all hope, and I feel numb all over.   I remember to think about the many things you did in years gone by. Then I lift my hands in prayer, because my soul is a desert, thirsty for water from you.

Please hurry, LORD, and answer my prayer. I feel hopeless. Don’t turn away and leave me here to die. Each morning let me learn more about your love because I trust you. I come to you in prayer, asking for your guidance.


I feel like these verses really describe everyday life. Some days, we are riding high, and the next day, we are down in the valley. We have days where we feel in the belly of the whale like Jonah and others where we awake refreshed and renewed to start the day ahead. I think that sometimes that it is during the depth of our despair that we are most ready to hear God. It is only then that we are completely ready to hear what God is calling each of us to do. The harder part is going through the difficult times of life, the times of depression, and the times of loss. It’s sometimes like we have to keep on walking, keep on working to get to the point where we can start the climb back up. It is during that time that we are often the most willing to hear God’s plan and be pointed in the right direction.


Dear God, may we each be open and ready to hear your call. Lord, hear our prayer. You know what is best for each of us. Point me in the right direction. Settle my heart and allow me to sleep each night. When I am in the black hole, save me from my despair. Keep me from the end of my rope and remind me of your miraculous works. When I need to be lifted up, please be there to hold me in your loving hands and save me from my enemies. Hear my prayer, O, Lord. Amen.