Luke 13:1-21

Wednesday March 18

Today’s Reading: Luke 13:1-21

In this chapter of Luke, Jesus continues interacting with the people of the cities, towns, and regions.  He makes personal contact with the individuals by using every day examples in their lives to get His message across.  He talks about the local news – the tower of Siloam falling and killing eighteen people to get a message about the fate of those who aren’t in right standing with God.  He used the parable of the fig tree to illustrate God’s patience with us during our nurturing, learning, and growing.  Him looking past the initial failures in our lives and wait for our fruit.  He healed a woman on the Sabbath, something the leaders of the synagogue believed was a sin – doing work on the Sabbath.  He admonished them that the welfare and wholeness of God’s people come first.

Then the parables of the mustard seed and the leaven.   How just a little influence in our lives can make a difference in the outcome.  Whether good or bad, we are influenced by our surroundings.

Jesus does the same thing for us, using our everyday encounters and surroundings to talk to us.  This is because there is no great mystery, He isn’t the “man behind the curtain” being secretive and trying to cajole and persuade us.  Our greatest lessons come from the things we understand, and what better to understand than the situations we are going through.  It is not a wonder when life is going good that we feel God is there helping us (although sometimes it is in these good times when we forget that God is there).  When we have a tough time with a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor.  What is the Lord telling us?  Why are we experiencing hardship? Why am I miserable? 

Through all our life situations, God attempts to get our attention and mold and shape our characters to be pleasing to Him.  Remember the clay does not tell the potter what kind of vessel it wants to be, it is solely in the potter’s hands that we are shaped into those vessels of honor.


Oh Lord my God, open my eyes and ears to my surroundings and the situations and people You place in my life.  I know You love me.  I have a lot of growing to do, whether I am young or old.  Change me my Father into someone who is pleasing to you.  I want more of You in my life.