Luke 15:1-32

Monday March 23, 2020

Today’s Reading: Luke 15:1-32

Luke 15: 1-10   Jesus Tells the Parable of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin.

The Lost Sheep Luke 15: 1-7 and The Lost Coin Luke 5: 8-10 are the first 2 of 3 parables found in Luke.  The latter is the Parable of the Prodigal Son Luke 5: 11- 32. We read Jesus speaking in a figure of speech which provides understanding of a principal and concept employing use of relatable terms. God is indeed concerned about each of his children.  Jesus speaks directly to our hearts to assure that each and every one of his children are receiving his message. To what extent does he love his children?  Jesus loves ALL his children, there is no evaluation of address, parental lineage, color, physical ability or disabilities, Jesus’ unconditional love is a constant theme throughout the Bible. The Great Storyteller desired to assure that his message was received but most importantly understood. 

All have heard of the many Step Programs that exist, wonderful programs to address specific personal habits and actions which require change.  The implementation of any step program starts with defining the change that is required. Why this change is of benefit. How this change will be achieved.  Then the important decision must be made by the individual as to will they accept the challenge and commit to following the plan.  These programs have helped many and significantly changed lives.  Jesus came to save us all.  This life as we know now will end someday.  Our future is within our own individual grasp to define. All the step programs address modifications of our lives while here on earth.  Our eternity requires us to look beyond our worldly life.  If we desire to gain eternal life we must ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior.


Lord Jesus you truly understand us, our limitations and needs. You have provided each of us with the ability to comprehend difficult moral examples in words and stories that we can relate to and understand and most critically important recall and apply.  With parables that you have masterly worded to be able to feel the situation as if you are the person in the event.  With further scripture study and discussion with our brothers and sisters in Christ we grow to grasp the historical significances and allow a glimpse into your future plans for us. Through the use of parables you reveal yourself as the Great Storyteller.  We rejoice that we have a God who addresses us in ways we can understand, grasp and literally “feel” your presence through your word.  All these to provide a lifestyle which allows us to see, to hear, to smell and to feel your presence in each moment of our daily lives.  Praise God.   Amen