“Happiness is to have enough for the days’ needs, with always some to spare

for those who have not”


The purpose of the Missionary Education/Social Action Committee is to keep the church’s homeland and world ministries before the congregation.  The committee brings to the attention of the congregation issues and needs in our world, both locally and abroad.  The committee encourages and plans projects related to these ministries, issues, and needs and cooperated with other local groups for some projects.  The committee consists of a chairperson and four or five members.  This committee meets every two to three months to determine actions for the next two or three months.


This is a new outreach ministry created by the children within our church.  It is a way to gather the children together to have fun while making a difference in their community.  Their mission is to help someone in need or to just simply to put a smile on someone’s face.

This energetic group meets once a month to do some type of project.  During the Christmas season, the kids made and delivered Christmas cards to Veterans.  They have also sewn walker bags for the residents in area nursing homes.  In the month of April, the kids baked, decorated and sold cookies to raise money for Autism.

The children have wonderful ideas about how they can share their faith through missions.  They may be young but they have a heart for God and His people!