Monday, May 14, 2018

Isaiah 6:9-13

He said, “Go and tell this people: “‘Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’

Make the heart of this people calloused; make their ears dull and close their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts, and turn and be healed.”

Then I said, “For how long, Lord?” And he answered: “Until the cities lie ruined and without inhabitant, until the houses are left deserted and the fields ruined and ravaged, until the LORD has sent everyone far away and the land is utterly forsaken.

And though a tenth remains in the land, it will again be laid waste. But as the terebinth and oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in the land.”


God sends Isaiah to tell of the coming ruin of his people. Many hear God’s word, but do not accept. God has at times demonstrated a blinding of men’s minds and hearts to not accept what has been demonstrated and foretold. So clearly stated in these scriptures. They paint a picture where a horrible change will take place, where a person’s judgment will be denied information and decisions will be become worthless.

Truth is the basis of wisdom and faith. Remove Truth and you are awash in a sea of lies and distortions. Their minds will be overcome and controlled. They will not receive the truth or accept the love of it. However those who humbly ask God for his direction and guidance and accept Jesus in their lives do not need to be afraid of the coming doom.

We are all are sinners. Let each and every one pray for the enlightening of the Holy Spirit. Only through his divine mercy shall we be made secured against this dreadful danger. The Lord who is gracious and merciful, would preserve a small portion, a tenth, holy to him. These shall replant his church, a new church will spring forth, the unfruitful will be trimmed but the seed of his church will grow and spring forth in his glory.



Lord, may I experience as never before the wonder of your amazing majesty, creator, master of all that is seen and unseen, loving me, forgiving me, deeming me worthy by the gracious gift of our savior, Jesus Christ. May I know your invitation and choose to respond – eagerly, wholeheartedly, to the core of my being. Take me, Lord. Use me according to your will, for I am yours. Amen.

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