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Grow Strong in Relationships

January 25, 2015 Philippians 2:19-30 “Grow Strong in Relationships” We continue on with our study of Philippians, and today’s scripture is a personal one. We feel like we could be reading over Paul’s shoulder as he writes this letter about two of his friends, Timothy and Epaphroditus. Paul holds them both in high regard as… Read more

Finding New Focus

January 18, 2015 Philippians 2:1-18 “Finding New Focus”   I hope you are finding this letter to the Philippians as rewarding as I have, as we are now on week three of reading through this short, but joy-filled letter. A quick recap as we begin today: Paul begins by thanking God for his partnership with… Read more

Moving Your Mindset

January 11, 2015 Philippians 1:12-30 “Moving Your Mindset”   As the story goes, two salesmen were sent to a remote place in Africa to sell shoes. The first salesman sent a message back to the home office, saying, “I can’t do anything here. No one wears shoes!” The second salesman also sent back a message…. Read more

Prayers for Confidence

January 4, 2014 Philippians 1:1-11 “Prayers for Confidence”   This morning on this first Sunday of the New Year, I’d like to leave Christmas behind us and jump right into a new study of Paul’s letter to the Philippians. This is a wonderful book to lift our spirits through some cold and dreary days of… Read more

Heaven’s Joy

December 24, 2014 Luke 2:1-12 “Heaven’s Joy”   Were we to hear just the first seven verses of this passage without knowing anything else about Mary or Joseph, it reads like an unlikely news story. Who is this unwed couple, so poor or unorganized that they couldn’t find a room for Mary to have her… Read more

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God sent Jesus

December 14 Isaiah 64:1-9 “God sent Jesus”   “Come down, God!” Isaiah was in prayer as he entreated God. He echoed the words of Psalm 144, “Part your heavens, and come down, touch the mountains, so that they smoke.” Come down and act in the world. Isaiah remembers when God delivered his people from slavery… Read more

Help for God’s People

December 7, 2014 Isaiah 40: 1-5 “Help for God’s People”   Listen to the news on the radio, read it on the internet or watch it on TV, we are confronted by bad news on every side. Backlash in Ferguson and now New York City from police shootings, Ebola continues to rage in West Africa,… Read more

Facing the Future

November 16, 2014 James 5:7-11 Facing the Future   It is a joy to have children baptized and to see a new generation of believers being lifted up. We praise God for Christ who is the source of our faith, our hope and our future. James writes today about the future, when he reminds us… Read more

How to Avoid Arguments

November 9, 2014 James 4:1-3,10 How to Avoid Arguments   A husband and wife were having an argument, and the husband tried to make peace. He said, “Why don’t you meet me halfway? I’ll admit you are wrong if you admit I’m right.” On another occasion, a husband and wife were driving down a country… Read more

Growing in Godly Wisdom

November 2, 2014 James 3:13-18 Growing in Godly Wisdom   Okay, chocolate lovers out there: there was a study conducted recently using a special cocoa drink to improve age-related memory loss. The food company Mars concocted a powder from isolating a particular ingredient found in chocolate called flavanol. Participants in the study were between the… Read more