Wednesday, March 11

Isaiah 58:1,4,7-8

The Lord says, “Shout out loud. Don’t hold back. Shout out loud like a trumpet. Tell my people what they have done against their God; tell the family of Jacob about their sins. They say, ‘To honor you we had special days when we fasted, but you didn’t see. We humbled ourselves to honor you, but you didn’t notice.’” But the Lord says, “You do what pleases yourselves on these special days, and you are unfair to your workers. On these special days when you fast, you argue and fight and hit each other with your fists. You cannot do these things as you do now and believe your prayers are heard in heaven.

Share your food with the hungry and bring poor, homeless people into your own homes. When you see someone who has no clothes, give him yours, and don’t refuse to help your own relatives. Then your light will shine like the dawn, and your wounds will quickly heal.


I could go through the food that my family doesn’t need and take it to my local food pantry so people who can’t afford can have it. I could also take blankets and clothes to places that give them to poor people.

I make pictures and give them to my great-grandmother. My mom makes calendars for my family that has pictures of all the kids together. I can help my elders by getting stuff for them that they can’t reach.


We can live with what we have. We do not need fancy things to live. We will help the elderly. We will pray for forgiveness. Jesus has done everything he can do for us.


Lent 2015-03-11 -A


Dear God, thank you for giving us simple things to do to help someone, and thoughtful actions that honor you. Let us shine with your light, in Jesus’ name. Amen.