Wednesday, March 18

Psalm 130

From a sea of troubles I call out to you, LORD. Won’t you please listen as I beg for mercy? If you kept record of our sins, no one could last long. But you forgive us, and so we will worship you. With all my heart, I am waiting, LORD, for you! I trust your promises. I wait for you more eagerly than a soldier on guard duty waits for the dawn. Yes, I wait more eagerly than a soldier on guard duty waits for the dawn. Israel, trust the LORD! He is always merciful, and he has the power to save you. Israel, the LORD will save you from all of your sins.


In Psalm 130 we can see the desperation in King David’s words. Hear his voice crying out in anguish! Drowning (overwhelmed) exhausted, ”Like a soldier on guard duty waits for dawn.”, Eager (impatient)

“Won’t you please listen as I beg for mercy?” Lonely, apart from God, misunderstood. Have you ever felt like you were drowning in a sea of troubles? I have. Have you ever felt overwhelmed, exhausted, inpatient, guilty, lonely, cut off from God, and misunderstood? We all have at some time.

David knew he felt that way because of sin. He wasn’t worthy of forgiveness on his own merit, but trusted God and believed his promises. Out of his gratitude he worshiped with all his heart in joy and in sorrow. We have a God who understands. Jesus felt all those things in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross not because of his sin, for he is blameless, but because he took on ours. He took my sin.

David was forgiven under the old covenant which required offering of sacrifices and confession of sin. We can have forgiveness because Jesus became the sacrifice for us. We, like King David, should respond in gratitude, worshipping with all our hearts in joy or in sorrow. Jesus shows us the way to live a life of worship by asking for His guidance and power to do his will each day.



Father, Our merciful Lord and creator of all, we thank you for preserving your Holy Word these thousands of years that we might know the exuberance of King David’s worship. Help us, Lord, to be as desperate for you as he was. Help us to worship with all our hearts and with our lives. We thank you, Lord, for your forgiveness through Jesus Christ that we may be buoyant in a sea of trouble in this life time and in complete joy in your Holy presence forever. In Jesus name, Amen